Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mini Post

Ok, so lots has been going on, and subsequently not much has been posted latelt, oopsie's! Small amends now with this minute post, but I promise all will be righted soon.

So, I am currently on a (impressively comfortable) hotel bed, in the middle of the NEC site having driven through sheets of rain and amongst the most crazy of all lorry drivers. (It actually did seem as if the drivers had all been taken over Dawn of the Dead style, or should that be Shaun on the Dead?) Having arrived, dried off and warmed up with a rather tastless cup of tea I thought I would take the opportunity to try and make my very sorry (and much beloved) laptop work for its holiday. You may be wondering why I would choose to take my aging lap top on holiday, least of all to Brum. Well its the time of year to sharpen your elbows and wear your patchwork as its the Festival of Quilts.

I have never visited before but am here working this year and can't wait for my first day tomorrow. Apparently the shopping bags were over flowing today and the NEC was packed to full capacity. I can't wait to see the exhibits of quilts, hopefully the gorgeous manga inspired piece by Ferret will be here to see in all its glory. But my poor laptop will, alas, be working. After restful days while I'm selling fat quaters by the bolt load it will have to live up to its name and work all evening for me as I'm trying to finish the final details ready for my trip to Stirling next week.

As it is finished I will post a small sneak preview of the piece I will be teaching, I'm rather pleased with the way it has come out, although I would have liked to add more detail but it would have become too much with the class only being for 4 days.

Enjoy the weather (rain means more time for stitching) and if anyone is headed for the NEC, I'm on H17 - come and show us what you've bought! I'll update soon if I survive the crazy shoppers!

3 fabulous friends said...:

Annabelle said...

Welcome back Katie - forgotten your friends in blog land eh? Love the pretty work and wish I was in NEC land to see you - unfortunately been on an emergency trip to France and back today to wet and dreary London. Have a lovely time. Annabelle

Alba Linea said...

wow your stitching is soooo great! i never had seen something like that before. its absolute great! best wishes and a very nice weekend.

annabelle said...

Where are you Katie ... been looking!

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