Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mystery Solved

Ok, so I finally worked out that it was my stupid out of date browser which meant that I coudn't upload any photos, so with the problem rectified here are the missing photos from the previous post. And trust me I have made myself a dunces hat and sat myself in the corner for 10 minutes as punishment for my own stupidity!
So, here is the fine whitework for you, all 90 odd hours worth (with lots of stressing!) and the original sketch the idea came from.

I have now designed the piece for Stirling but have not yet worked out stitches or an order of work. As the piece is worked in multiple layers it takes some serious planning in a quiet room - which has not been available yet. I must get round to this soon and start stitching. So this is what it looks like so far - any reccomendations?

Since my last post I have also visited the lovely ladies at Dorking Embroiderers Guild. I had a wonderful morning with them and was very welcomed and shown all their beautiful embroidery's for their upcoming exhibtion at Losely House. The poor ladies had to sit through an hour of me talking about myself and my work and were gracious enough to be interested and excited, and asked lots of valid and probing questions - Its great to get out and meet people and have my brain stretched for a change so thankyou to them all for a fabulous morning!

Tomorrow for the first time in about 3 years (or more) I'm off the the hairdresser. I know that sounds apalling but I am lucky enough to have a mother who was a hairdresser and can attend to my split ends and colour needs, and will happily hack off copious amounts of hair for me when I get fed up. But I thought time was long overdue for a change, with the hope that maybe a little bit less hair will allow more oxygen to get to my brain and encourage me to stay alert and work quicker. So time to say goodbye to untidy, slightly curly, raggedy locks and hello to whatever the hairdressers feels like doing to my head - I'll let you know the fate of the hair in due course. 

On thursday I'm off to the wonderful Oxfordshire countryside to the Art in Action event, with hundreds of artists all displaying their work and showing their processes. I can't wait! With pottery, painting, fine art, weaving, photography and of course, textiles, there will be so much to see I'll have to run around like a headless chicken to see it all. If you fancy a last minute trip yourselves have a look at it here:

So goodbye from me (and my hair) happy stitching!

(Bye bye hair!)

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