Sunday, January 09, 2011

Stitching in a New Year

Ok so I know that it has taken me far too long to get this upto date, but I do have my reason's; an evil kidney has taken hold of my body and been holding me hostage for almost 3 months now, and my poor computer is very sick and trying to get my stuff onto another has been a compete pain. And then finally, Christmas is fast approaching and my lovely boy's parents are visiting from South Africa, so tourist trips are a plenty, and I am supposed to be making Crimbly presents too!

So excuse's over and apologies made it is now time to bombard you with some, and I do mean just some, of the hundreds that I took at the stunning and inspirational Eden Project in Cornwall. I found the place endlessly intriguing and almost filled my camera in the day with image after image of amazing flora and fauna that made my fingers itch to stitch! So apologies for the blast of photos but I wanted to share just some of what I found:

The amazing bio-domes.

Who would have thought to plant kale, spinach and the rest of your greens in such beautiful formations?
Amazing Aloe

Eggplant beauty!
Such a lovely boy, being patient while I take far too many photo's.

Stunning lines and contours

The most awesome statue, embedded in the surroundings

Gorgeous Echinacea, could do with some of that now!
Silk shaded corn maybe?

Maybe more traditional for silk shading?

Orange Beauty

A fabric lovers favorite plant!

Even the floor was stunning

Truly beautiful flowers everywhere

The worlds boldest Robin who posed for over 50 photo's, he was practically voguing
Ok so enough of the bombardment of floral photograph's, apologies again but I found it so hard to narrow it down, I think I am definatley banned from taking my camera out in future. But seriously I cannot reccomend the place highly enough, the atmosphere is amazing, there is so much to see and do, full of things for big and small kids and the coffee is great too!

Even in an obscure shipwreck museum in Charlestown I managed to sniff out the buttons!

This caused the boy much hilarlity, personally I think its a sign

The Happy Fisherman

Cornwall feels so long ago now but the last part of the year has flown by so fast between teaching classes, (photo's to follow) my latest magazine article coming out, designing new kits and of course snow and Christmas but more on these soon, well once the computer is properly mended!

Exciting plans for the new year are afoot with a new open studio to get up and running as well as a new years set of classes and talks to be experianced. So here's to a new year and new inspiration (and a working computer soon) and lots of sewing time. And apologies again for starting this before christmas and finishing in the new year, time for more resolutions methinks!

2 fabulous friends said...:

Sarah Homfray said...

Katie, your photos are fabulous. You are very skilled behind that lens! I went to Eden not long after it had opened and alot of it was very bare so I guess it's time for another visit...


Katie said...

Hey Sarah, Def time for another visit. I could go back everyday. I did wonder if they would like an embroiderer in resisdence! x

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