Monday, April 26, 2010

Ok real blog time!

Ok, so maybe this has taken me longer to get round too than it should have done but I have reasons, lack of internet, holiday, away teaching. college homework..... I know excuses excuses, enough. But here goes and apologies in advance. 

Firstly thanks hugely to Happy for the most wonderful blog design ever - and for all her patience with the finickityness (is that even a word?) of me. 

I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Katie, a very disorganised, slightly off-kilter, randomly frantic yet still lethargic embroiderer. I started stitching from a young age and am now unable to sit still, if I could stitch in the cinema I would!! After doing my BA in Costume at the London College of Fashion and some random jobs I spent three wonderful hard years at the Royal School of Needlework training in hand embroidery where my obsessive compulsive behaviour was encouraged. 

Since graduating I have taught for the RSN and privately, given talks, been lucky enough to do some exhibitions and even get a few commissions under my belt. So I'm self-employed, employed (by the RSN and the most wonderful Quilting shop ever) and am even a student again doing my PGCE to be a fully qualified teacher. 

I'm afraid my computer knowledge is almost zero but I'll learn as I go along, with many mistakes along the way I'm sure. I'll try and keep you up-to-date with only the interesting information but apologise in advance for my ability to ramble!

So now need to go and get packed and ready for my second quilting class tomorrow with the lovely Leslie to try and get a bit further on my quilt which looks as though a clown car exploded on! I'll figure out how to add in photos tomorrow.

If your still here, thanks for staying till the end!

Happy Stitching 

4 fabulous friends said...:

lemonade kitty said...

Hi, lovely to meet you, looking forward to seeing all your "makes" and following you along the way, Lucey xx

Katie said...

Thankyou, I'm so excited for finally gettinng things moving and writing on here - ignore all the washing I say! xx

Deborah said...

Helllloooo and welcome to blogland, nice too meet you!
Best regards

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Nice to see you blogging katie :)
I cant wait to see your lovely creations :)

Much love,


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